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March 26, 2015

Status of Spray Sunscreens and Oral Photoprotection Still Uncertain

The FDA has not reached a decision on their safety and efficacy. While the results of research on oral photoprotection candidates are encouraging, they remain in the early stages of development. In theory, the products work inside the body to counter the effects of exposure to UV radiation.

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New Melanomas Likely to Recur at Same Rate

A diagnosis of in situ or invasive melanoma conferred a similar long-term risk of invasive melanoma recurrence, a 40-year retrospective review showed. The results make a case for following patients with in situ melanoma as frequently and for the same duration as patients with invasive melanoma, particularly localized invasive melanoma.

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Melanoma Less Ominous in Patients with Skin Exams

A single skin exam significantly reduced the odds for diagnosis of invasive melanoma, according to a review of more than 400 cases of melanoma. According to the presenters, "Our data support that patients who have had even a single dermatology visit are more likely to be diagnosed with a thinner melanoma and have a better prognosis than patients without a history of a past dermatologic examination".

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