New skin cancer prevention resources for outdoor workers

October 6, 2019

The Health Promotion Agency (HPA) has developed a new suite of resources for outdoor workers. 

The resources encourage employers of outdoor workers to communicate with their staff and offer a variety of ways for employees to engage with and support their workers. Because the majority of skin cancers are caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation and sun exposure is a workplace hazard, employers have a responsibility to reduce UV radiation exposure to employees who spend some or all of their working day outdoors.

Recent research shows that although most outdoor workers know how to protect themselves from the harm of UV radiation, it is often a lower priority and often the triggers for SunSmart behaviours are related to environmental cues like visibility of the sun and temperature. Therefore these resources focus more on busting myths and supporting outdoor workers to get any skin changes or moles of concern checked early to prevent skin cancer.

All resources are free to orderThey include posters, GIFs, brochures, toolbox talk communication tools and a wallet card.

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