Melanoma Research and Therapy Special Interest Group

Next meeting 

12.00 noon - 4.00 pm
Friday 14 June 2019
Room 202, Ko Awatea Centre Middlemore Hospital, Auckland

Topics to be discussed are:   

  • Clinical trials in New Zealand: how can we improve the number of trials in New Zealand and the access to those trials 
  • Immune checkpoint inhibitor data: how does New Zealand coordinate auditing and standardisation of outcomes across DHBs and how can we draw DHBs together to reach similar outcomes?  

All health professionals and researchers with a special interest in melanoma research and therapy are invited to attend. 

 For catering purposes, please RSVP to MelNet no later than Wednesday 5 June 2019.

What is the group?

The Melanoma Research and Therapy Special Interest Group is a national and inclusive multidisciplinary group of melanoma health professionals and researchers seeking:

  • To achieve consensus on current issues and to seek to implement solutions to these issues, and
  • To improve upon current standards of care by promoting and facilitating research in melanoma.

The need for such a group was identified at the Melanoma Research and Therapy meeting held on 9 September 2017 as part of the Queenstown Melanoma Week. 

Organised by MelNet, the inaugural meeting of the special interest group was held in Auckland on 8 December 2017.  You can find key recommendations of the 8 December 2017 meeting here.

15 March 2018 meeting

The second meeting of the special interest group was held at the Auckland International Airport Novotel on 15 March 2018.  Topics were: 

  • Sentinel node data:  The results of recent international trials and how their findings might be applied in New Zealand 
  • Tissue banking:  What currently is being collected for melanoma and how collaboration and networking throughout New Zealand might be improved. 

Highlights and recommendations from the meeting can be found here