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New Zealand Speaks! 2020 Kantar NZHR opinion poll presentation events

1 July 2020

To learn more about what kiwis think and New Zealand Health Research's (NZHR’s) responses to the challenges that face New Zealand’s health research sector, come along to one of NZHR's catered highly regarded, not to be missed, presentation and networking events. Find out what kiwis (and NZHR) think, and have your say.

Pembrolizumab therapy and placebo: Occurrence of immune-related adverse events​ associated with longer recurrence-free survival ​in pembrolizumab arm

30 June 2020

The objective of this recent study was to investigate the association between immune-related adverse events and recurrence-free survival in a clinical trial. It compares pembrolizumab therapy and placebo for the treatment of patients with high-risk stage III melanoma, and concludes that the occurrence of immune-related adverse events was associated with longer recurrence-free survival in the pembrolizumab arm.

Cluster of pregnancy‐associated melanoma: A case report and brief update

25 June 2020

Pregnancy‐associated melanoma is recognized in the published work; however, significant knowledge deficiencies exist. According to this recent case study, patients with a history of any documented melanoma risk factors, particularly dysplastic nevus syndrome, require close monitoring especially during pregnancy and early post‐partum.

2018 WHO classification of cutaneous, mucosal, and uveal melanoma: Analysis of 9 distinct subtypes defined by their evolutionary pathway

6 June 2020

There have been major advances in the understanding of melanoma since the last revision of the World Health Organization (WHO) classification in 2006. This recent analysis discusses the development of the 9 distinct types of melanoma and distinguishes them by their epidemiology, clinical and histologic morphology, and
genomic characteristics.