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Maternal and perinatal outcomes in pregnancy-associated melanoma

19 April 2017

When diagnosed at early stages, melanoma does not seem to alter the evolution of gestation, whereas patients with advanced stages of melanoma frequently deliver prematurely, by caesarean section, with lower neonatal weight, higher neonatal morbidity and mortality rates, according to authors of this study.

Liquid biopsies promising for monitoring patients with melanoma

13 April 2017

Liquid biopsies are a promising area of investigation for improving the clinical monitoring of patients with solid malignancies, such as melanoma, according to authors of this recent study.  The authors conclude that cellfree circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) quantification might also be a novel biomarker with a prognostic value for melanoma patients.

Molecular and immune differences associated with differential drug responses

13 April 2017

Heterogeneity in mutational and immune profiles within tumours from individual patients could explain differences in treatment response, according to a team of researchers from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The team studied the radiological responses of 60 patients with metastatic melanoma, half of whom received targeted drug therapy and half of whom received an immune checkpoint inhibitor.

Detection of occult invasion in melanoma in situ

10 April 2017

History and physical examination including regional lymph nodes, education, and surveillance recommendations should be based on a very low, but not zero, risk of metastasis, according to authors of this study.  

Strategies needed to reduce unintended sunburn in New Zealand

8 April 2017

As sunburn does occur among those who do not intend to tan, public health initiatives should focus on increasing sun protection (clothing and shade) and reducing potential barriers to sun protection, according to authors of this New Zealand study. 

Gender difference in melanoma

31 March 2017

Biological, environmental, and behavioral factors may explain the observed gender difference in melanoma incidence and outcome, according to authors of this study.

US burden of melanoma on the increase

28 March 2017

The overall burden of disease for melanoma is increasing and rising rates are not simply artifact owing to increased detection of indolent disease, according to a recent analysis of trends in US.