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Immunotherapy impacts quality of life of patients and carers

5 March 2019

Immunotherapy can impact the quality of life of both patients and carers through toxicities or indirectly through mechanisms such as stress, financial toxicity, or fatigue that limits participation in life activities. Supportive care resources and interventions are needed for those receiving immunotherapy to minimise negative impacts on quality of life, according to this recent study. 

Patients more willing to pay for combination immunotherapy than BRAF/MEK inhibitors due to overall survival expectations

11 February 2019

Melanoma patients’ who are receiving immunotherapy and targeted therapyhave different perceptions about quality of life expectations, degree of anxiety and progression-free survival differ compared with their provider, according to this  recent study. The study also suggests patients and providers exhibit a higher willingness to pay for combination immunotherapy treatment compared with BRAF/MEK inhibitors, influenced predominately by overall survival expectations.