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Strategy informs prevention and early detection in New Zealand

27 March 2017

Directed at all professionals working in skin cancer control, this recently published sector-led strategy includes an up-to-date analysis of both the epidemiology of skin cancer in New Zealand, including risk factors, as well as evidence-based interventions to reduce exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) that causes harm. 

Danish findings could aid prevention strategies among youth

26 March 2017

Young females who are not content with their appearance are more likely to use sunbeds than their peers, whereas the picture is less clear for males, according to a large Danish study.  The authors conclude that this knowledge will be useful for further research and could aid in identifying high-risk groups and guide preventive strategies for sunbed use and skin cancer prevention.

Vitamin D beliefs linked to risk-related behaviours

25 March 2017

Beliefs about vitamin D were associated with skin cancer risk-related behaviors, according to authors of a study that examined beliefs about vitamin D, sun safety and indoor tanning.  They conclude that including information about vitamin D in skin cancer prevention messages may be beneficial.