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Social media and adolescent tanning behaviour

17 July 2017

“Adolescents spend a considerable amount of time using social networking sites, and their behaviours related to tanning on these sites are significantly associated with skin cancer risk factors”, according to authors of this Australian study.

Skin cancer prevention highly cost-effective but underfunded

7 July 2017

“At about $50 million per year for hospitals in Victoria alone, the cost burden of a largely preventable disease is substantial,” according to authors of this Australian study.  They conclude that “increased funding for skin cancer prevention must be kept high on the public health agenda”.

Nursing interventions to change adult sun protective behaviour

1 July 2017

“Identifying influential factors affecting sun protective behaviors are relevant to nursing practice because reducing patient morbidity and mortality in the population is very much a part of the foundation for professional practice”, according to authors of this open access article. 

Impact of time between diagnosis and SLNB

27 June 2017

This, the largest study on this subject to date, found no adverse impact on long-term clinical outcomes of patients due to delay of SLNB beyond 30 days, according to authors of the study.

Older age linked with increased false negative SLNB

26 June 2017

Older age patients with thick, ulcerated lesions should be considered for increased nodal surveillance after negative SLNB (sentinel lymph node biopsy) given the low negative predictive value in this group, according to authors of this study.

New Zealand Health Research Strategy 2017-2027

24 June 2017

This strategy sets out a vision for New Zealand’s health research and identifies four strategic priorities for the health research and innovation system, according to the Ministry of Health.