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Sun protection poor for NZ secondary students

13 April 2016

A University of Otago study that involved unobtrusively observing the sun-protective practices of students and staff at the sports days of 10 Dunedin secondary schools last summer has found them sorely lacking.

Liquid biopsy for melanoma surveillance

14 March 2016

“With advancements of improving molecular assays, liquid biopsy analysis as a powerful, routine clinical assay for melanoma patients, is highly promising prospective”, according to a recent study.

Melanoma and NMSC in psoriatic patients treated with UV

12 March 2016

A thorough risk-benefit evaluation should always be done before UV treatment, according to authors of a study in a Mediterranean population. The authors advise clinicians to carefully monitor patients for skin cancer during and after treatment discontinuation.

Social media sunbed advertising

11 March 2016

Tanning salons in the US actively use social media as a strategy for maintaining relationships with customers and offer pricing deals that promote loyalty and high-frequency tanning, according to authors of a recent study.

Melanomas often diagnosed in people with a limited number of moles

8 March 2016

“Physicians and patients should not rely on the total nevus count as a sole reason to perform skin examinations or to determine a patient’s at-risk status”, according to authors of a recent study. They also conclude “younger patients should be educated on the increased risk of thicker melanomas that is associated with having more atypical nevi”.

Three ways to know UVR levels in NZ

7 March 2016

There are now three different ways of knowing what current UV radiation levels are in New Zealand, where levels are monitored and measured by NIWA.