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New WHO publication on sunbeds

17 June 2017

This recently released WHO document is intended for government health authorities, to assist in the development of public health interventions in relation to the use and management of sunbeds. 

Balancing survival with morbidity from lymphadenectomy

13 June 2017

An important association was found between the extent of LAD (complete lymphadenectomy) and lymphatic complications, according to authors of a retrospective cohort study.  They conclude that “further studies should evaluate the necessity and extent of aggressive LAD to balance survival benefit with morbidity of LAD procedures”.

Two-drug combination effective in melanoma brain metastasis

9 June 2017

The combination of two kinase inhibitors effective against metastatic melanoma could provide a systemic alternative to existing local treatments, such as radiation and surgery, for brain metastasis, according to authors of a recently published study.