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Rare and deadly melanomas not caused by the sun: new finding

25 May 2017

Two rare and deadly forms of melanoma are not caused by sun exposure new genetic research led by Australian researchers reveals today.  Published in Nature, the study shows that acral melanomas found on the palms, soles of the feet and under the nails, and mucosal melanomas found on the body’s internal surfaces, are not linked to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Strategies to address tanning addiction

23 May 2017

This article provides an overview of the evidence of tanning addiction and a systematic review of existing tanning interventions with the goal of evaluating their potential to impact addicted tanners. 

Worldwide trends in skin cancer

22 May 2017

This article highlights the recent global trends in the epidemiology of skin cancer, risk factors and the impact of skin cancer on health services.  It also highlights the need for improved registration policies as well as primary and secondary prevention strategies.

Somatic driver mutations in melanoma

22 May 2017

The rapid advancement in genetic technology and evolving approaches to data set analyses should lead to better outcomes for patients with melanoma, according to authors of this review article.

Culture-based meanings and values toward skin colour

20 May 2017

This study explores how culture-based meanings and values towards skin colour profoundly influence women’s leisure behaviours, including sun-seeking, sun-avoidance and sun protection behaviours.   

Immune therapy and quality of life in melanoma

13 May 2017

This ASCO Reading Room article summarises current evidence regarding the use of checkpoint inhibitors in melanoma with a specific focus on quality of life and use of healthcare resources.