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Economic and mortality benefits of under 18 sunbed bans

24 January 2017

Reducing indoor tanning has the potential to reduce melanoma incidence, mortality, and treatment costs, according to authors of a recent US study.  In the US such bans could prevent 6735 melanoma deaths and save $342.9 million. 

Consumer acceptance of mobile teledermoscopy

24 January 2017

Consumer acceptance of mobile teledermoscopy appears to be favourable, according to authors of this study.  They caution, however, that “many practical aspects still need to be resolved before mobile teledermoscopy is ready for widespread consumer use”. 

Increasing skin self-examination after melanoma diagnosis

23 January 2017

A tablet-based intervention may help to reinforce and sustain skin self-examination, thereby facilitating earlier detection of recurrence following treatment for melanoma, according to authors of a recent study.

Men over 70 years possible best target for early detection education

17 January 2017

Among patients with melanomas that were self-detected, those found by women had better prognoses than those that were self-detected by men, especially for patients >70 years of age, according to authors of this study. They conclude that this group “might therefore be a logical target for melanoma detection education”.

Beach umbrellas alone insufficient

13 January 2017

Shade from a beach umbrella alone does not provide sufficient protection for extended exposure to UV rays, according to the findings of a single centre RCT.  Hence, a combination approach may be needed for optimal protection from UV rays.

Skin cancers among NZ chronic lympocytic leukaemia patients

11 January 2017

NZ chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) patients have a high incidence of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC) relative to the levels observed in the general population, according to authors of this study.  They advise the careful monitoring of CLL, particularly those who have a progressive disease or have had a first cSCC removed.

Common Skin Lesions and Dermatoscopy Course: Tauranga

9 January 2017

Conducted by Honorary Associate Professor Amanda Oakley, this one-day course will address clinical and dermatoscopic diagnosis of common benign and malignant skin lesions, particularly pigmented lesions. 

Systematic review of imiquimod treatment of lentigo meligna

6 January 2017

A treatment schedule using imiquimod 6-7 applications per week, with at least 60 applications shows the greatest odds of complete clinical and histological clearance of lentigo meligna, according to authors of this review. 

Alcohol consumption and melanoma risk

4 January 2017

Study finds that alcohol intake was associated with a modest increase in the risk of melanoma, particularly in UV-protected sites.