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Completion lymph node dissection should no longer be routine following a positive sentinel node biopsy

27 July 2019

This recent literature review study sought reviews evidence for management of the parotid/neck following a positive sentinel node biopsy in patients with cutaneous melanoma of the head and neck. Results showed immediate completion lymph node dissection following a positive sentinel node biopsy in the head and neck resulted in improved regional control, leading to significantly better disease-free survival, but did not offer a melanoma-specific survival benefit over observation followed by subsequent salvage surgery if required.

Mobile health apps a powerful tool to reduce health care costs related to skin cancer management

26 July 2019

This recent study reviews the development of the SkinVision smartphone app (October 2018) which was shown to have a 95% sensitivity (78% specificity) for detection of skin cancer. The study suggests the current accuracy of the algorithm may warrant the use of this app as an aid by lay users or general practitioners however further research is needed on their health impact on the health system and the user population. 

Stricter follow-up strategies warranted for patients with multiple primary melanomas

30 June 2019

In this recent cohort study of 54 645 patients with a single primary melanoma and 2284 patients with multiple primary melanomas in the Netherlands, Breslow thickness was significantly decreased for second primary melanomas, but the likelihood of dying was 31% higher among patients with multiple primary melanomas, a statistically significant finding.

Cheap indoor tanning sessions and packages encourage increased use

29 June 2019

This recent American study assesses the pricing plans of sunbed use across six US cities. The data suggests that access to sunbeds can be very cheap or free in some cases. Policies that can influence prices may be effective in reducing demand however more research is required.