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New Australian clinical practice guidelines for melanoma

31 October 2016

In 2008 New Zealand and Australia co-published the "Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Melanoma in Australia and New Zealand".  In light of the advances in melanoma diagnosis and management, new guidelines are in the process of being developed in an incremental way using an electronic “wiki” platform.

Tendency of indoor tanners to sunburn and avoid sun protection

29 October 2016

Individuals who tan indoors also often exhibited a concurrent tendency to sunburn, avoid sun protection, according to authors of a recent study.  Their findings highlight the need to emphasise sun protection in addition to tanning bed avoidance.

Impact on survival of a second primary melanoma

24 October 2016

While patients with cutaneous melanoma are at high risk of a second primary melanoma (SPM), the development of SPM does not seem to impair survival, according to authors of a recent study published in The American Surgeon.

Prolonged survival in stage III melanoma with ipilimumab

22 October 2016

As adjuvant therapy for high-risk stage III melanoma, ipilimumab at a dose of 10 mg per kilogram resulted in significantly higher rates of recurrence-free survival, overall survival, and distant metastasis–free survival than placebo.