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Role of oncology nurses in protecting cancer patients

12 October 2016

Oncology nurses can play an important role in protecting their patients from future skin cancer morbidity and mortality, according to a review of research and evidence-based resources on skin cancer prevention. 

Impact of sunbed ban in Australia

7 October 2016

The introduction of an outright ban of commercial sunbeds combined with strong government compliance and enforcement has achieved a dramatic reduction in the availability of harmful artificial UV radiation sources in Australia without any significant unintended consequences, according to authors of a recent study.

Possible decreasing trend in NZ sunburn prevalence

5 October 2016

The results from the 2016 Sun Exposure Survey undertaken by the Health Promotion Agency suggest the beginning of a general decreasing trend in the prevalence of sunburn in New Zealand. Surveys in the coming years are required to confirm whether this decrease represents an overall declining trend in sunburn.

Three ways to know UVR levels in NZ

30 September 2016

There are three different ways of knowing what current UV radiation levels are in New Zealand, where levels are monitored and measured by NIWA.

Review identifies effective UVR exposure interventions

21 September 2016

An international review involving University of Otago experts concludes that multicomponent community-wide interventions are effective in reducing the deleterious effects of UV exposure by increasing sunscreen use.

Month of birth and melanoma risk

20 September 2016

A large German registry-based study provides no evidence that people born in spring carry a higher risk for developing melanoma in later life and thus lends no support to the hypothesis of higher UVR susceptibility during the first months of life.

Asian Australian skin cancer risk

16 September 2016

Study results suggest that Asian Australians are at risk of skin cancer, with over 35 % of the sample reported engaging in outdoor tanning and over 10 % in solarium tanning.