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Sunscreens work well when used properly

15 December 2018

Sunscreen applied at ≥ 2 mg cm−2 during a sunny holiday prevents sunburn, a biomarker of ultraviolet radiation‐induced DNA damage and suppression of acquired immunity, according to this recent study. 

New Zealand children are not sufficiently protected from the sun at school

13 December 2018

New Zealand children are not sufficiently protected from the sun at school. Schools should consider comprehensive approaches to improve sun protection, such as the provision of school hats, sun-protective uniforms, and the construction of effective shade, according to this recent New Zealand study. 

Risk of limb melanoma supports divergent pathways to melanoma theory

13 December 2018

In this population-based cohort study, associations with large asymmetric nevi, sunbathing vacations, and indoor tanning differed significantly among melanoma sites. Skin color, hair color, small symmetric nevi, residential ambient UV radiation, and sunburns were associated with melanoma risk on all sites. This study adds to the supporting evidence of divergent pathways to melanoma and suggests similar risk profiles for lower limb and trunk melanomas and for upper limb and head and neck melanomas.

Risk perception plays minimal role in sun exposure behaviour

13 December 2018

Sun exposure behaviour is significantly linked with positive tanning attitudes rather than risk perception. Therefore, according to this recent study, innovative skin cancer prevention campaigns which aim to influence tanning norms should be developed to complement existing education campaigns.