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Skin checking associated with more frequent sun protection behaviour

6 October 2018

Public health campaigns that increase people's confidence in their ability to detect the signs of skin cancer have the potential to encourage skin cancer reduction behaviours in the form of both skin checking and sun protection, according to this recent survey study. 

Immunotherapy affects quality of life for many melanoma patients

6 October 2018

Despite immunotherapy improving survival rates for many patients with melanoma their quality of life, and that of their caregivers can be negatively impacted by uncertainty about efficacy and the identification and reporting of potential side effects, according to this recent study.  

Current sun protection advice provided to the public flawed

30 September 2018

Advice that ‘no protection is required’ for UVI less than 3 should be removed from public messaging. If outdoors for any length of time year round, sun protection should be recommended, according to this recent study led by Dr Richard McKenzie, an atmospheric research scientist (emeritus) based at NIWA Lauder, Central Otago, New Zealand.