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MicroRNA ratios distinguish melanomas from nevi

12 March 2020

Accurate, timely and reliable diagnosis of cutaneous melanoma remains a significant challenge in dermatopathology. This recent study investigated a novel strategy for using microRNA biomarkers to detect melanoma cells in skin tumors even when the tumor contains predominantly benign cells.

Vitamin D-VDR (Vitamin D Receptor) associated with melanoma survival

12 March 2020

According to this recent study, vitamin D-VDR (Vitamin D Receptor) signaling contributes to controlling pro-proliferative/immunosuppresive Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in melanoma and this is associated with less metastatic disease and stronger host immune responses. The study states that this is evidence of the causal relationship between vitamin D-VDR signaling and melanoma survival which should be explored as a therapeutic target in primary resistance to checkpoint blockade.

Australian's using Twitter to spread skin cancer and sun-related messages

4 March 2020

This study aimed to analyse Twitter posts in Australia to establish a baseline of skin cancer and sun-related communication trends. It concludes that linking tweets with temperature, sharing by celebrities or non-health-related organisations and individuals with a high following can all contribute to greater spread of skin cancer and sun-related messages.