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Prevention campaign effective in reducing sunbed use in Denmark

14 September 2018

Sunbed use in Denmark reduced significantly during 2007–2015 as a result of the Danish Sun Safety Campaign, according to this recent evaluation. Consequently, significantly fewer skin cancer cases are anticipated during 2007–2040.

European melanoma bio-bank important resource in clinical melanoma research

14 September 2018

A large-scale bio-bank at the European Cancer Moonshot Lund Center is collecting and storing tissue and blood samples from melanoma patients has been established in order to build an understanding of melanoma disease presentation and inform proteogenomic and mass spectrometry imaging studies.

Nodular and thick melanomas may be being missed by NZ doctors

22 August 2018

Nodular and thick melanomas may be being missed by doctors in New Zealand who are using the traditional 'ABCDE' method of diagnosing melanoma, according to this recent University of Otago study. The authors suggest public education for earlier diagnosis in New Zealand needs to be expanded to include the presenting features of nodular and thick melanomas and to strongly encourage seeking early physician advice.