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Review of Waikato Virtual Lesion Clinic 2010-2016

October 18, 2016

Amanda Oakley

Early Detection, Diagnosis and Prognosis

Review of the service and subsets of patients

We have so far reviewed:

  • Positive predictive value for melanomas vs nonmelanoma: one in two excisions for lesions suspicious of melanoma is histologically proven melanoma. Most of the rest are atypical naevi or atypical lentiginous melanocytic proliferation.
  • Histology of nonmelanoma skin cancers: 10% of cases thought to be SCC are BCC and vice versa
  • 100 Referrals in children for benign lesions: these arise due to change in lesions and parental anxiety
  • Seborrhoeic keratoses: these are a common reason for referral due to ABCD criteria, change and symptoms
  • Dermatofibromas have various dermatoscopic patterns, with central white area the most common
  • Risk factors for melanoma: these are more prevalent in patients with melanoma than in patients with benign lesions
  • High Suspicion of Cancer criteria: validated in melanoma on trunk, versus naevi and seborrhoeic keratoses on trunk which are rarely fulfil criteria for HSC referral 

Current research:

  • Melanoma in situ: chaos and clues criteria
  • Sunbed use in patients with melanoma vs whole referral population 
  • Comparison of invasive melanomas in VLC population vs Cancer Registry data
  • Pathways to referral of skin lesions to specialists

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