Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Clinical Guidelines

New Zealand Skin Cancer Doctors Society have developed clinical guidance for non-melanoma skin cancers.

Current available guidelines are:

SCC and BCC Guidelines – Follow-Up Recommendations

SCC and BCC Guidelines – High-Risk Criteria

These guidelines have been distilled from Australasian and American publications. They are not meant to be an exhaustive academic analysis of the evidence, rather a usable easy reference document to aid clinicians in their decision making.

NZ Skin Cancer Doctors is the official society representing New Zealand Skin Cancer Doctors and Professionals. Their vision is to achieve best practice skin cancer care in New Zealand by enabling collaboration, credentialing, on-going education and professional support for New Zealand Skin Cancer Doctors and Professionals.  NZ Skin Cancer Doctors consistently strives to establish robust and clear standards that define the qualifications and criteria necessary to be recognised as a Skin Cancer Doctor.