Nurses in Skin Cancer Special Interest Group

What is the group?

Nursing plays a crucial and multifaceted role in the comprehensive management of skin cancer, and New Zealand nurses have an increasingly active role in the prevention, detection and management of this disease.

By fostering collaboration among nurses specialising in skin cancer care, we can make significant strides to alleviate the burden of this disease and enhance the overall health outcomes for affected individuals.

This Special Interest Group will connect like-minded nurses across the country with the aim of:

  • fostering effective networking and collaboration for nurses working in skin cancer
  • growing the number of nurses working in skin cancer
  • developing, supporting and facilitating the ongoing professional development of nurses working in skin cancer
  • providing a platform for discussion and collaboration on specific topics as they relate to nursing and skin cancer
  • promoting the exchange of knowledge and best practice amongst skin cancer nurses
  • fostering strategic relationships with other professional organisations and stakeholders involved in skin cancer care

 How do I join?

We are seeking committed and enthusiastic members to be part of this group.

If you are a New Zealand registered nurse involved or interested in skin cancer, and are interested in joining this Special Interest Group please:

  1. Read the Terms of Reference 
  2. Register your interest to the MelNet Chief Executive 

First meeting

An informal networking opportunity will be organised as part of the Melanoma Mini-Summit, in Christchurch on Saturday 11 May.

The first official meeting of the Special Interest Group will be planned virtually for August 2024. Further details will be released when available.