Clinical Guidelines

Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Melanoma in Australia and New Zealand

Launched in November 2008, these guidelines provide evidence based recommendations for all aspects of the management of melanoma, from primary prevention and screening, through diagnosis and treatment, to palliative care. These guidelines preceded the development of Standards of Service Provision for Melanoma Patients in New Zealand – Provisional.

The guidelines were required to be completely evidence based and were developed according to a rigorous international process that ensured an objective and non biased assessment of the evidence.

The particular issues pertinent to NZ were addressed during guideline development by a NZ Melanoma Reference Group, established by New Zealand Guidelines Group for this purpose. The reference group provided expertise in epidemiology, primary and secondary care, Maori and Pacific peoples health and the consumer perspective.

It was hoped that the availability of the guidelines would assist in the management of persons with melanoma by encouraging an evidence based approach to treatment and reducing variability in management.

The guidelines, a resource to aid diagnosis for primary care practitioners and an information brochure for the public are available free for download from the New Zealand Guidelines Group website (click the heading above).

Printed copies can be ordered free through Wickliffe on 04 496 2277 ; Order Number. HP: 4701 (guideline); HP: 4700 (practitioner summary); HP: 4699 (public)