Minor Surgery. A visual guide for office-based surgery from beginner to expert

Minor Surgery. A visual guide by Dr Samantha Murton

Recently published, this easy-to-read guide takes you from basic skills to expert, with 44 watercolour pictures clearly depicting the techniques discussed.

Not only does it give you tips and tricks for creating beautiful results, it puts the patient in the centre of the procedure and reminds you of the precision with which any surgery should be undertaken.

The book is self-published by Dr Murton and available for $65 from Dr Samantha Murton, Capital Care Health Centre, 35 Tennyson St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011. Email: visualgp@xtra.co.nz

MelNet Note: In her book, Dr Murton combines her skills as both a clinician and an accomplished artist. One clinician who purchased it described it as an invaluable tool as well as a beautiful work of art.