Pūrongo Ārai Mate Pukupuku Cancer Prevention Report

This report, released by Te Aho o Te Kahu Cancer Control Agency, pulls together data, research and recommendations focused on preventing cancer all in one document. Te Aho o Te Kahu's aim is to identify ways that we can create environments that support people to stay well. 

Cancer is the leading cause of health loss in Aotearoa New Zealand with about 25,000 people diagnosed every year. Cancer is a complex condition, and it is not possible to predict who will develop cancer and who will not. However, half of all cancers are potentially preventable, by reducing everyone’s exposure to the cancer risk factors present in our environments.  

This report focuses on what actions Aotearoa can take to stop cancers developing whenever possible – surely the very best way to reduce inequities and close the gap

The report states that cancers related to excessive ultraviolet radiation can be prevented by:

  • creating healthy outdoor environments that provide protection from excessive UV radiation
  • creating supportive school environments that protect children and young people from excessive UV radiation
  • creating supportive work environments that protect people from exposure to excessive UV radiation
  • increasing access to affordable, high-quality sunscreen.

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