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Introduction of new therapies for metastatic melanoma associated with significant mortality reduction in US

30 March 2020

According to this recent American study, the introduction of new therapies for metastatic melanoma was associated with a significant reduction in population-level mortality. It concludes that future research should focus on developing even more effective treatments, identifying biomarkers to select patients most likely to benefit, and renewing emphasis on public health approaches to reduce the number of patients with advanced disease.

Risk-based population stratification and more precise diagnostic tests likely to benefit early detection of melanoma

30 March 2020

A Melanoma Screening Summit in Brisbane, Australia concludes that research is needed to understand how to further optimise early detection of melanoma in Australia. Integrating risk-based population stratification and more precise diagnostic tests is likely to improve the balance of benefits and harms of opportunistic screening, pending assessment of cost-effectiveness.