News and Events

Australian SunSmart programme contributed to a reduction in melanoma

31 October 2019

This study analysed the prevalence of sun protection behaviour and sunburn incidence of residents of Melbourne, Australia across three decades. The study found the likelihood of people using one or more sun protection behaviours on summer weekends was three times higher in the 1990's than before the programme began, that these improvements were sustained into the 2000's and continued to increase in the 2010's. The study demonstrates the definitive impact of a long standing sun protection intervention, with the authors concluding that the findings are consistent with SunSmart having contributed to a reduction in melanoma among younger people. 

Skin Lesions and Dermatoscopy Course: Goodfellow Symposium

22 October 2019

Conducted by Adjunct Associate Professor Amanda Oakley, this one-day course will address clinical and dermatoscopic diagnosis of common benign and malignant skin lesions, particularly pigmented lesions.  All health professionals who undertake skin examinations are invited to attend, whether new to or experienced in dermatoscopy.

New skin cancer prevention resources for outdoor workers

6 October 2019

The Health Promotion Agency (HPA) has recently developed a new suite of resources for outdoor workers. These resources ‘bust’ commons myths regarding the sun and support employees and outdoor workers to be SunSmart this summer. 

78% of patients with advanced melanoma who elected to discontinue anti-PD-1 therapy remained progression-free 18 months after treatment cessation

6 October 2019

This recent study reported outcomes for real-world patients with advanced melanoma who had elected to discontinue anti-PD-1 therapy with pembrolizumab or nivolumab in the absence of disease progression or treatment-limiting toxicity. Results showed after a median of 18 months after treatment cessation, 78% of patients remained progression-free, and the median time to progression for those who progressed was 12 months.