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SOX10 is as specific as S100 protein in detecting metastases of melanoma in lymph nodes and is recommended for sentinel lymph node assessment

11 August 2020

SOX10 is a highly specific marker for melanoma metastasis in lymph nodes, comparable with pS100. According to this recent study, SOX10 has the same level of recommendation as pS100 for the detection of melanoma metastasis in sentinel lymph node protocols. The interpretation of SOX10 staining is highly reproducible among different centres and different pathologists because of the absence of staining of immune cells.

Gene expression profile tests poor at identifying recurrence in patients with stage I melanoma

4 August 2020

This recent review analysed the performance of commercially available gene expression profile tests in predicting cutaneous melanoma outcomes in patients with stage I or stage II melanoma. In patients with clinically localized melanoma there was variation in gene expression profile test performance by disease stage, suggesting limited potential for clinical utility for patients with stage I melanoma.

Leptin receptors predict malignant potential of squamous cell carcinoma

18 July 2020

This recent study  examined the clinical-pathological significance of Leptin receptor (LEPR) expression in squamous cell carcinoma of the skin. It found LEPR expression to be a predictor of the malignant potential of squamous cell carcinoma. This provides the possibility of individualizing anti-tumor treatment using LEPR antagonists.

Increase in mortality for punch biopsies used to diagnose cutaneous melanoma

18 July 2020

This systematic review examined the impact of biopsy technique on clinically important outcomes for cutaneous melanoma. Findings identified a small but statistically significant increase in all-cause mortality for punch biopsies used to diagnose cutaneous melanoma, giving further support to the current clinical practice guidelines for the evaluation of pigmented lesions suspected for the diagnosis of cutaneous melanoma.

Dermatoscopic morphology of thin nodular melanoma could provide useful clues for its diagnosis from other non‐melanoma nodular tumours

16 July 2020

This multicentric collaborative study conduced by the International Dermoscopy Society analyses dermatoscopic features of thin (≤ 2mm Breslow thickness) versus thick (> 2mm Breslow thickness) nodular melanoma and predictors of nodular melanoma versus nodular non‐melanoma tumors. It concludes that dotted vessels, white shiny streaks and irregular blue structureless area were predictors for thinner nodular melanoma compared to non‐melanoma nodular tumors.