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Whole-genome sequencing of acral melanoma reveals genomic complexity and diversity

22 October 2020

To increase understanding of the genomic landscape of acral melanoma, whole genome sequencing of 87 tumors with matching transcriptome sequencing for 63 tumors was performed in this recent study. Mutational signature analysis reveals a subset of tumors, mostly subungual, with an ultraviolet radiation signature.

Defective interferon signaling in tumors bypassed with immunostimulatory compound BO-112

22 October 2020

One potential problem with the effectiveness of immunotherapies for cancers is the loss of interferon signaling in tumors, which impairs the effectiveness of both immune checkpoint blockade and cell-based therapies. According to this recent study, defective interferon signaling in tumors could be bypassed with the immunostimulatory compound BO-112.

Current status of regenerative wound dressings for skin cancer therapy

22 October 2020

This paper aims to provide an up-to-date overview regarding the current status of regenerative wound dressings for skin cancer therapy. Specifically, the recent discoveries in natural biocompounds as anti-cancer agents for skin cancer treatment and the most intensively studied biomaterials for bioactive wound dressing development will be described.

Risk prediction model identifies likelihood of CDKN2A mutation in Australian families

5 October 2020

This recent study constructed a risk prediction model to determine the likelihood of carrying a heritable CDKN2A germline mutation among Australian families, where the prevalence of these mutations is low. According to the study, the model will help to effectively identify families suitable for genetic counselling and testing in areas of high ambient ultraviolet radiation.