Tools for Skin Lesion Diagnosis

The Standards of Service Provision for Melanoma Patients in New Zealand – Provisional require the following:

  • All primary care clinicians are trained to recognise skin lesions suspicious for melanoma.
  • Patients have access to a clinician trained in:
    - Early detection and diagnosis of melanoma, including the use of dermatoscopy
    - Surgical skills to undertake excision and direct closure of in-situ or thin melanoma
    - The triage and referral of patients with lesions of uncertain diagnosis, thicker melanoma and lesions on sites where surgery is difficult.

The following tools have been developed by Associate Professor Cliff Rosendahl of The University of Queensland and colleagues to assist in the diagnosis of skin lesions:

  • Dermatoscopy for Students (Revised Pattern Analysis and Chaos and Clues): This is a useful resource for those who are planning to attend or have attended a Common Skin Lesions and Dernatoscopy Course conduced by Associate Professor Amanda Oakley. 

The following TADA algorithm for diagnosis was introduced in late 2016:

The following recommended on-line courses can be found on the Dermnet website:

Other resources: