Advice on vitamin D

A research paper on vitamin D guidelines for Australia provides advice how to balance the risks of skin cancer from sun exposure with maintaining adequate vitamin D levels. 

Achieving this balance is not the same for all Australians and New Zealanders. The amount of sun exposure needed to make vitamin D depends on UV level, skin type, amount of skin exposed, and lifestyle.

A New Zealand consensus statement published in March 2012 by the Ministry of Health provides advice for the general population excluding pregnancy and infancy. The information provided applies to the general population and is not designed to replace specific advice to individuals given by a medical practitioner.

Advice on sun exposure for pregnant women and infants, together with identification of those at high risk of vitamin D deficiency and recommendations for vitamin D supplementation, can be found in the The Companion Statement on Vitamin D and Sun Exposure in Pregnancy and Infancy in New Zealand. The companion document should be read in conjunction with the above Consensus Statement on Vitamin D and Sun Exposure in the General Population.